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Black Rage (sketch)- Lauryn Hill 

Lauryn’s new song about racism in America and Michael Brown

black rage is founded on 2/3 a person/ great beings and beatings and suffering and worse and/ black human packages tied up with string/ black rage can come from all these kinds of things 

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A general view of Emirates Stadium before the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Crystal Palace on August 16, 2014 in London, England.

often I feel the urge to express personal things/experiences/thoughts on here as well as with people in real life but part of me always says “other don’t really care” so I’ll end up keeping to myself

This is really long and poorly articulated, sorry…

I always feel really discouraged by the way news as well as history is presented. I always feel like I can never draw substantial opinions about a situations because information is either biased and/or left out. News is essentially constructed and the most important issues may not always come to the front. News stations are businesses and they have the power to pick and choose how they want to present stories to adhere to a a specific “image.” 

I terms of history, when learning about the American Revolution in primary school, all the developments of the united states were portrayed as great victories. We were always taught that the actions of our nation in the past were always great steps towards where we are today. I wish I had been taught to be critical of past events. I wish I taught to learn the narratives of the other side of the story. What it really like for the indigenous people of America to have their land stripped from their possession? What is the British perspective on the American Revolution? I learned plenty about how horrible the holocaust was yet Japanese-American internment camps were barely every mentioned in the books I was exposed to.

It bothers me how much the united states can put itself on a pedestal and disregard all its faults. We may have the the largest gdp but that does not entitle us to believe we have the best policies. Other nations are far more effective in terms of governance with better heath care, education, and police enforcement systems. We may call ourselves a free nation, especially because are tax rates are low compared to other developed nations which fosters a capitalist environment. But is it really free when we have to pay thousands of dollars to educate ourselves or just to remain physically healthy? I don’t think so.

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